Tuesday, February 28, 2017
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Die Gedragskode dien as riglyn vir die optrede van leerders. ’n Laevelder se gedrag kan dus gemeet word aan die mate waarin hy die skool se gedragskode onderskryf en respekteer.
Die Gedragskode van ‘n skool word verskans in die Skolewet (Wet 84 van 1996 en die wysigings daarvan) en daar word verwag dat ‘n leerder wat by die skool inskryf en sy ouers/voogde hulle vergewis van die skool se gedragskode en die bepalings daarvan. Verder impliseer inskrywing by die skool dat die leerder en sy ouers/voog die gedragskode aanvaar en nougeset sal nakom. Indien ’n leerder die gedragskode oortree of minag, sal daar dienooreenkomstig teenoor hom/haar opgetree word. Die Gedragskode word jaarliks aan die leerlinge uitgegee wwar dit dan deur die leerder en ouers onderteken word. Die leerders ontvang ook ‘n huiswerk boekie waarin die Gedragskode verskyn. 


Wees betyds vir skool, skoolhekke sluit 07:25
Klaswisseling -leerders móét  binne 3 minute by volgende klas wees.   Laatkommers mag die klas  vir ‘n sekere tydperk ontsê word.
Sodra die klok lui, beweeg leerders flink na hul bestemming.
Sodra die tweede klok lui, moet leerders by hul bestemming wees en nié praat nie.
Aankondigings:  Voor pouse en huistoe gaan, sal daar ‘n klok lui wat leerders tot orde roep.
Daarna sal aankondigings gedoen word, boeke gebêre word, ‘n 2e klok lui en leerders verdaag.
Alle werk moet netjies en met trots gedoen word.
Huiswerk moet daagliks gedoen word en deur die ouer/voog gekontroleer word.
Korrespondensie : Brieweboeke moet deur ouers geteken word.
Onder jurisdiksie van die Beheerliggaam is deur ’n opname onder al die ouers gemaak oor die besit en gebruik van selfone gedurende amptelike skoolure.   Daar is met ’n groot meerderheid van stemme besluit dat:  Leerders nie toegelaat word om ’n selfoon te voorskyn te bring  of  gedurende amptelike skoolure nie.
Leerders wat hierdie reëls oortree se selfoon sal afgeneem word en vir bewaring in die skool se kluis gebêre word.   Die leerder se ouer/s moet self die selfoon by die skoolhoof kom afhaal.
Met eerste oortreding sal leerder ’n waarskuwing ontvang.   Indien enige verdere oortredings, sal daar  van die Dissiplinêre stelsel gebruik gemaak word.
Geen verantwoordelikheid word deur die skool aanvaar indien die selfoon wegraak of gesteel word nie.
Na amptelike skoolure mag leerder sy/haar selfoon sonder toestemming gebruik.

Die leerders van Laerskool Laeveld moet trotse, gelukkige en gedissiplineerde kinders wees!


1. Be on time, gates close at 07:25.
2.Changing of classes:  pupils have to reach their next class within 3 minutes.   
Those who are late can be refused entrance for a certain time.
3. When the bell rings, learners go to next class briskly.
4. When the bell has rung for the second time, learners must already be at the 
next class.  They are not allowed to talk.
5.Announcements:  Before break and at the end of the day, a bell will ring to get the attention of the learners.  Thereafter announcement will be made; books will be put away before a second bell rings to indicate break or the end of the day.

1. Learners must wear the specified summer- or winter uniforms.
2. Summer uniform:  worn during first and fourth terms.
Winter uniform:  only during second and third terms.
3. All clothes must have learner’s nametags on them.
4. Provincial tracksuits may only be worn on Mondays.
5. Only members of the first teams of each sport are allowed to wear their tour-jackets to school.
6. Shoes: Only the following shoes are allowed:
a. School shoes with the correct school socks
b.Running shoes (tackies) with the short school socks.  Tackies must be mostly white in colour and no sneakers are allowed.  Only tackies with laces are allowed. If learners do not wear the correct shoes he/she will be asked to take off the shoes for the remainder of the day.
8. Scarves:  There is an official school scarf available at Rieba-klere.  No other scarf will be allowed.

1. Personal hygiene and tidiness is a must.
2. Girls:   
Dyed extensions are not permissible.
Hair reaching the collar or longer, must be tied up neatly.
Hair - accessories:  Only school - colours:  red, light blue and dark blue ribbons and elastics.
Long fringes hanging in the eyes are not allowed.
Perming and dying (colouring) of hair are not allowed.
Unacceptable jewellery, hair-gel or make-up (Lip-gloss, eye liner, lip liner or mascara) will not be allowed.
Nails must always be short and clean.
No toe ring, belly ring, tongue ring or any form of tattooing will be allowed.
The following will be accepted:  
One signet ring, a watch (no costume watches with ribbons, beads or charms)
A pair (two) of earrings, one per ear, (only gold / silver) 
o Studs maximum 5mm 
o Rings maximum 15 mm in diameter and 3 mm in width.
3. Boys: 
No dreadlocks are allowed
Hair must be short and neat.
No long fringes or steps.
No dyed (coloured) hair, gel or mousse is allowed. 
No jewellery, only a watch.
Nails must be short and clean.
No beanies are allowed.
No toe ring, belly ring, tongue ring or any form of tattooing will be allowed.
4.Inspection will be held the day school resumes after a holiday and each first Friday of the month.  If the learner’s appearance conflicts the school rules, a warning will be given and the learner will have 2 days to correct this.  If not, the learner will receive a yellow card.
5.Exception:  If a learner’s hair is coloured, he/she will immediately be expelled from class.  The parents will be contacted to come and fetch the child to correct the hair.
6. Cloakrooms:   These facilities must be used hygienically.  No learner will be allowed to play in the cloakrooms.

1. Work must be done neatly and with pride.
2. Homework must be done daily and signed by the parents.
3. Formal assessment has to be signed by the parents and returned.
4. All correspondence from the school is pasted in their letter book and must be signed by parents.

1. Classroom
Learners have to follow the enter-   and exit procedures.
Show respect towards teachers  (facilitators) and fellow pupils. (co - learners)
Learners need permission to leave their seats.
Follow the facilitator’s classroom - policy.
No school - bags are to be left outside the classrooms.
Any misbehaving (misconduct) and classroom disrupting will be dealt with in the most serious manner.
No learner is allowed to use a cell phone during official school hours and such a learner must have permission when doing so.
Only the step out card will grant learners permission to leave class during class time.

2. School grounds
No littering will be allowed.
No ball games near windows.
School property will not be damaged.
Playing areas are allocated to different phases.
No bicycle, skateboarding or scooter riding is allowed on the premises.
No dangerous games will be played.
Children waiting between 12:30 and 13:00 will be under supervision.
No child will be allowed to wait on the cement blocks at the main entrance of the office after 13:15.   Learners must wait at the sport gate at the pavilion.
No learner is allowed to play at the main gate and climb on the pillars.

3. Behaviour
No obscene or vulgar language will be tolerated.
No impertinence (rudeness) or disrespectful behaviour will be allowed.
No fighting, assaulting, or bullying will be tolerated.
Smoking, drinking or drug-abuse is strictly prohibited.
Dishonesty and theft is not acceptable.
No vandalism and intimidation will be tolerated.


A well-planned  system has been implemented to record positive or negative behaviour.  This will be indicated on the learner’s report.   This system was implemented in aiding with discipline for effective education.


After the 5th transgression ( 25 points ), a learner will have to do detention on the following Wednesday afternoon.  From 13h30 – 15h30.  Grade 7 learners will sit detention at 20 points.
After 3 detetions, the parents  will be interviewed further action will be discussed.
If the negative behaviour still continuous,  temporary or permanent expulsion according to regulations of the Department of Education will be considered


Under the jurisdiction of our Governing Body a parent survey was launched about the usage of cell- phones during official school hours.
Through a majority of votes we have decided on the following:
1. Learners are not allowed to use or show any cell phone before, or during official school hours.
2.Learners who do not abide by these rules and disobey will have their cell phones taken away and left in the school safe for safekeeping.   The learner’s parents must then fetch the cell phone from school principal personally.
3.With the first time a learner is disobedient a warning will be given.  If at any other time the learner disobeys the Disciplinary Card System will be implemented.
4. The school will not be held responsible for any loss of cell phones due to theft or other damage.
5. After official school hour’s learners are permitted to use their cell phones.
Learners of Laerskool Laeveld must be proud, happy and disciplined children!


Ouers Nuus Brief